What is subrogation?

Subrogation is the substitute of one person in the place of another with reference to a lawful claim or right. Subrogation is typically a part of the insurance claims process. The insurance company is seeking recovery of claim payments where another party was liable.

Who is involved in subrogation?

Two parties are involved in the subrogation process: the insured, known as the “subrogor,” and the insurance company, known as the “subrogee.” The subrogee acquires the legal rights the subrogor has with regard to the claim. This allows your insurance company to represent its insured and recover the costs of the damage from the responsible party or its insurance company.

Who is AnSR?

Advanced Subrogation Resources (AnSR) is a subrogation company specializing in subrogation for insurance companies and self-insured organizations.

What does AnSR do?

AnSR partners with insurance companies and self-insured entities to process subrogation claims. For example, if two vehicles crash into one another, and one of those vehicles is insured by an AnSR customer, AnSR negotiates with the insurance company to recover the cost to repair our customer’s vehicle. AnSR provides services in all lines of insurance as well as arbitration services for insurance and utility companies.

Why does my insurance company use AnSR to process their subrogation claims?

Offloading this work to a company specializing in subrogation allows your insurance company to make better use of their internal resources to focus more attention on your claim experience.

Why am I receiving a letter from AnSR?

AnSR’s initial letter is for informational purposes. Typically, it informs you of your rights or duties, according to your insurance policy, regarding the subrogation process. If you are uncertain about the letter, please contact AnSR at (405) 606-8200 or toll free at (800) 321-4158 for additional details.

If you received a letter from AnSR and we do not represent your insurance company, please contact AnSR at (405) 606-8200 to discuss the circumstances of the referenced claim.

Can AnSR suspend my driver’s license?

AnSR does not suspend a driver’s license. However, AnSR can request the state’s Department of Financial Responsibility to review compliance with that state’s driver license suspension law. The state will determine if compliance is met and whether driving privileges will be suspended. Typically, a driver’s license review only occurs if the driver involved in an accident does not possess liability insurance as required by state law.

How long has AnSR been involved in the subrogation business?

AnSR is part of a group of companies performing subrogation services for over 30 years. AnSR processes thousands of claims per year and has substantial experience in the insurance industry.

Does AnSR subrogate against uninsured motorists?

Yes. Generally these claims have a high cost to dollars recovery ratio. As a result, AnSR has taken a strict, process-driven approach to recovering this type of claim. This approach insures each claim moves through a consistent process, with conditional steps to optimize recovered dollars.

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